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Can music replace coffee?

Could you design without music? I know I couldn't function let alone design, It gives me motivation, inspiration and is my little escape. On the flip side If you were to ask me what genre of music I like I really could not tell you (I do now its not chart music). 

Bands I like a lot of bands in the hardcore category from the popular 'Bring me the Horizon' to the smaller 'Being as an ocean'. It would be far easier to share my endless playlist of music so here you GO enjoy (lower you go the better the music). 

I recently went Spotify premium and I will never regret this decision it has so many features to discover new music (Radio) but if you're a designer and want another way to find new music I highly recommend designersmix It's a awesome little site in which designers share their playlists for you to listen, I found it a great way to engage within the design community. Sometimes you find yourself not wanting to listen to music but you don't want to be unmotivated, I recommend podcasts (especially SeanWes Podcasts) you will find yourself wanting to change the world after it (or clean your desk) either way you will feel inspired. 

I am writing this in the bath (ok take that thought out of your mind) but I really want to be at a festival. I am planned to go to a festival in august which I really am so excited for, it will be my second time visiting Reading Festival and the line up this year is as good as ever (The Wombats, Neck Deep, Beartooth) are at the top of my list. 

Each week you know I pick some work related to the subject to share with you guys so here it is

Blink 182 - Rakhmat Jake Perkasa

Pemberton Music Festival - Brian Steely