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One deed a day

First and foremost to clarify It is in fact a good deed a day. The past couple of months I have challenged myself to complete at least one deed a day, little or large, something that gives a helping hand to another. 

As mentioned before I work a train journey away from where I live into the city. Working there I have realised the substantial amount of homeless people there is. This resulting in my deed being spent giving to those who are less fortunate. It could also include helping someone carry a bag I mean the stereotypical helping hand but none the less It was a help to someone and one act of kindness accounted for. 

I highly suggest this and not to be some peace for the world guru but to help another and to help yourself whether it being within the family or to a complete stranger. I have found that giving more in fact gets me more to put it bluntly. My life has bettered by giving a little amount of my time and money each day. To summarise giving is the best way to be fulfilled. 

This is a short paragraph by Sean McCabe (seanwes) a fellow designer who also blogs that I recommend greatly. 'Giving doesn't just have to be monetary. Sometimes the most valuable thing you can give is your time. It can also be the hardest thing to give. Initially, you may feel begrudgingly about giving up your time. Time is, after all, a very precious resource. But when we give that time freely to others, we not only edify them, but ourselves as well.' 

I am also going to begin this new thing where on each blog post I shall be picking relevant design work from other artists and sharing them for your viewing pleasure. Being a design based blog after all I thought this idea would make sense. 

Give a shit coaster - Tommy Perez

Spirit of giving - Nick Slater