Personal Journal

Adventure and Design

The Dream

Everyone has their own fantasy or ambitions in Life. The hardest part is to make your dreams become a reality. Back in school I had not one Idea of what I wanted to do In life and really had never thought of design becoming my profession as it all began as just a hobby. I now know where I want to be, In 10 years, In 20 years. Things Might change who knows, But I have an ambition a dream and the next step is to make this a reality. 

Do I have a dream company to work for? In fact I have several these being major high end company's such as VSCO, Twitch, Instagram. I always said my dream would work freelance but in fact there is something quite warming about working with a team in an office.

Do I have a dream place to live? I mention this so often on a daily basis but my ultimate goal in life is to be some what a survivalist and live in a log cabin in Canada, preferably Alberta in the forest overlooking a lake. Its sort of strange that I now have everything planned out. Working freelance or for a company designing. Venturing out for walks with a french bulldog named Arnold and taking photos of scenery is the Ideal scenario. 

Do I have a dream car? I am obsessed with the VW camper vans I vision myself camping out in the back with the doors wide open watching the sunset. But having the doors shut and watching adventure time sounds just as great. 

Yes I dream Big but If you don't set the bar high are you really going to get all you want out of life? And where you are right now is a result of the goals you set prior to this day. Continue to set goals and work hard to achieve them don't be scared to not achieve them or worry of others opinions, shape your life around your ambitions not others opinions.