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Im new to this

I'm unsure on how to start this or where to go from here, so I'm going to ramble on about anything and everything. This is not only my first blog post on my new site but my first blog post ever. I have never been in to this writing 'my english lecturer would know'. I have come to a point in life where everything is beginning to look up and that is why I want to have these little posts to look back on later in life, even if I am the only reader.

This might get a little deep be warned. After several months of depression I'm beginning to pick up the pieces. Swiftly moving on to explain how life is looking up right now. I have just began a new Design job with a company based in Swansea. Working along side another designer is pretty sweet and she is a bundle of laughs. In fact everyone there is just great, its an amazing little office and to add I have a blow up dinosaur on my desk..I know right just awesome. Im going on plenty of adventures at the moment whilst taking photos along the way (will add some to this post) if you enjoy photography of travel and adventure my Tumblr or Instagram is worth following.

I think that will be it for my first blog post and yes I promise they will improve (hopeful promise) I shall be posting these at random I hope you did enjoy this and if not you will never get this time back (my bad).