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Holiday of a life time

Throwing it back even though its not a Thursday. I have spent the past hour looking back at photos from christmas 2014 and with or without photos this will forever be a time in my life I shall never forget. My parents decided it was the year to take the plunge and jet off to Lapland for christmas and how pleased I am they did. If you have ever considered it do not hesitate, truly once in a life time experience. With -30 degree weather It was fair to say It was quite chilly outside.

Christmas day in a log cabin with the sight of the northern lights is quite something. Endless Photo opportunities with incredible scenery was one way to describe it. Husky rides, meeting Mr.claus himself and his reindeers brought out the child within me. You must be thinking what is the downside to all this. The internet speed that is one flaw in the system. I managed, in fact I managed with ease I mean there was a sauna in the cabin who needs Internet? (for a week anyway). 

That perfect christmas eve with hot drinks, games and family movies came true. Waking up christmas morning to a Gameboy colour was the highlight, retro gaming can't be beaten.