Personal Journal

Adventure and Design

Two Day Trip

I have just got back home from a rather busy and spontaneous trip. Besides the fact of being very hectic and stressful it was a great experience and also good fun.

On Tuesday morning I did my daily routine of heading to work to arrive and be surprised with being told I will be heading to Essex to help a fellow colleague In working on a film project for the company. I think its fair to say this got me a little excited. The next step was heading back home to quickly gather necessities to head off that day. After hours on the train watching several episodes of adventure time and working on designs It was nice to arrive at the hotel and take a nap. 

On the first day we filmed In Danni's Boutique, Danni being apart of a popular reality tv show the shop was very busy and was a great environment to film. During that day I gathered a better insight within film and fetching coffee. Later that evening myself and Jamie my colleague decided to head in to London for a few hours and not having been there in a couple of years it was a nice to take some time to relax and venture around being tourists. Even though we couldn't seem to break the boundary between work and leisure. Jamie being the most stressful person I have ever encountered was entertainment for me and with Jamie running about made me realise how much of a laid back I really I am character I am. 

The second day Involved a lot of coffee and to note I don't like coffee. We were both pretty sleep deprived at this point but had another full day ahead of filming for another cast members boutique store. After one successful shoot we had to ensure we did the same again. I believe it was achieved and this was shown with over a 100G of footage, jelly legs and bloodshot eyes. Overall It was an amazing couple of days I had thoroughly enjoyed the great company and experience. 

P.s I am sorry to my bank balance the food was just to good.