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For this post I have decided to share a few apps I couldn't go without. With regards to social media apps Instagram Is by far my favoured platform, following would be Twitter and Youtube but i'm sure you all have these. So heres a list you might or might not have heard of but are Useful and great apps none the less. 

 If you're a designer and have not yet downloaded Adobe Color and Adobe Shape you're missing out. I discovered these Adobe apps not to long a go and now I question how I would ever live without them. This is a brief description of both apps, Adobe Color is an app in which uses the function of your mobile camera to capture and generate color themes in which you can access through your creative cloud. Adobe Shape Is an incredible app in which uses your mobile camera to generate vectors from an image you capture which again can be accessed within your creative cloud. Adobe have a selection of other useful apps in which are available on your device and I recommend every one. I have mentioned before about Dribbble being my favoured design platform. Sadly Dribbble have yet to make their own app but not to worry there are a range of Dribbble client apps out there in which do the job. I have tried out each one and the relatively new 'Freeshot' app comes out on top for me with a great Interface and many features. 

If you're not a designer but a budding photographer I highly recommend VSCOcam, This is by far the best app I have on my device. VSCOcam Is an app in which you use to edit your images and my god it does it well with the filters making Instagram's look like a nursery child's painting. This app also features your personal display of images VSCOgrid and Journal in which you can share your Photography with personal twist. You can also purchase filters from the VSCO store which leaves endless amounts of fun on editing time ( I have purchased them all ). Another Great Image editing app worth mentioning would be Afterlight even though it lacks in great filters it has many great features such as image overlay effects. 

If you're neither a designer or photographer these are a couple of apps I also use. Are you in to gaming? If so Twitch is a great app, that allows you to view gaming streams of any genre by your streamer of choice. With the ability to chat and engage with the gamer and or audience. This platform enables the opportunity for anyone to begin Live streaming to an audience and for me to get an insight to more games. If any of the above is not for you here's a great little app 'Been' Is an app that displays the world map that highlight places and country's you have visited to, therefore if you're a travel enthusiast like me or just generally travel a lot it will help you to keep track of places you have visited. 

I believe that concludes todays topic of my go to apps, here is the list of Apps Mentioned:

-Adobe Color,Adobe Shape,Freeshot,VSCOcam, Afterlight, Twitch, Been.