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Adventure and Design

How Dribbble helped me

Ive decided to share a little history and give you an insight on my design journey so far. It began with the popular social platform Youtube (i'm sure you have heard of it) designing youtube banners and Icons for gaming channels on the software gimp. I was far too poor to afford photoshop and well at this stage I would have not had a clue on how to use it. Months of Slowly developing within a community of other designers on youtube and with my passion for design growing It was time to invest In purchasing photoshop, still learning I began showcasing the process of creation of my work on youtube as 'speed arts'. This was a popular way of displaying your work within the Youtube design community, even though looking back it was quite odd. With my channel growing and gathering an audience as did my Skype contacts, with a couple of thousand other designers and clients it was fair to say I received a lot of spam. 

Progressing to other social portfolio platforms such as Dribbble and Behance made me realise the standard of work within the design Industry was far ahead of the design community I was involved with. If you are not aware of Dribbble there is a process in which you have to be invited by other members in order to share your work. This was all on the basis of your portfolio. I received my invite to become a player almost a year a go now and the development of my work standard has increased by a substantial amount. This will forever be my favoured social platform for design.

Being self taught I found it would be a wise idea to go and study design in college to gather yet more insight within the industry and develop my skills further. This did greater my skills as I learnt far more of the Adobe package but lets just say the course was some what outdated. 

I find it hard to believe how far I have come and having done this alone how hard work can lead to great things. Now working for a company as a designer I can only develop further and this excites me. Looking back to where I began I thought of it as nothing but a mere hobby, It has become a trade and lifestyle of mine I never want to leave. Im looking forward to the future.