Can music replace coffee?

Could you design without music? I know I couldn't function let alone design, It gives me motivation, inspiration and is my little escape. On the flip side If you were to ask me what genre of music I like I really could not tell you (I do now its not chart music). 

Bands I like a lot of bands in the hardcore category from the popular 'Bring me the Horizon' to the smaller 'Being as an ocean'. It would be far easier to share my endless playlist of music so here you GO enjoy (lower you go the better the music). 

I recently went Spotify premium and I will never regret this decision it has so many features to discover new music (Radio) but if you're a designer and want another way to find new music I highly recommend designersmix It's a awesome little site in which designers share their playlists for you to listen, I found it a great way to engage within the design community. Sometimes you find yourself not wanting to listen to music but you don't want to be unmotivated, I recommend podcasts (especially SeanWes Podcasts) you will find yourself wanting to change the world after it (or clean your desk) either way you will feel inspired. 

I am writing this in the bath (ok take that thought out of your mind) but I really want to be at a festival. I am planned to go to a festival in august which I really am so excited for, it will be my second time visiting Reading Festival and the line up this year is as good as ever (The Wombats, Neck Deep, Beartooth) are at the top of my list. 

Each week you know I pick some work related to the subject to share with you guys so here it is

Blink 182 - Rakhmat Jake Perkasa

Pemberton Music Festival - Brian Steely 





Im a little late writing this but the weather has just been far too nice to be sat inside and I have needed the time for recovery. If some of you are not as nerdy and geeky as me and have no idea of what a hackathon is exactly here is googles description 'Hackathon (also known as a hack day, hackfest, codefest) is an event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development and hardware development, including graphic designers, interface designers and project managers, collaborate intensively on software projects' to summarise a very fun, stressful and overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. 

We had 4 groups for very different and very clever ideas (even if I must say so myself.) I was a Team leader of a group of 5 working on a Companion app and Welcome Pack. We all got to work in this beautiful old country house down the Gower with mass amounts food on offer. To give you more detail we had just two days to plan and develop our ideas in to working betas in which we had to present to the rest of the teams as well as some judges from other company's such as Microsoft, I know right big deal. 

The first day was so full on and trying to stick to schedule was just impossible and even harder when the Wifi and phone signal was non existent. Meetings, Planning and setting up was all we could do. Once the first day was over a few of us went to visit a local beach and went for swim (much needed.) Then went back to do some more work and spending quality time with friends. 

The second day went far better, a lot less panic but far more nerve wrecking. Waking up at 6am to finish designing to head off to the printers was not what I had planned but I did wake up to a great cup of tea. I think all in all it went well we had a welcome pack to present and a working app that could scan barcodes. The judges seemed to enjoy our idea despite not winning in the end. Took a couple of days to recover on sleep but It was a great team bonding exercise and really brought out my inner nerd. I can't wait for next year but this time (More coffee and maybe a little cheating is in hand.) 

Make Sh*t - AF Fabrega

Hacker - Sofia Moya 

One deed a day

First and foremost to clarify It is in fact a good deed a day. The past couple of months I have challenged myself to complete at least one deed a day, little or large, something that gives a helping hand to another. 

As mentioned before I work a train journey away from where I live into the city. Working there I have realised the substantial amount of homeless people there is. This resulting in my deed being spent giving to those who are less fortunate. It could also include helping someone carry a bag I mean the stereotypical helping hand but none the less It was a help to someone and one act of kindness accounted for. 

I highly suggest this and not to be some peace for the world guru but to help another and to help yourself whether it being within the family or to a complete stranger. I have found that giving more in fact gets me more to put it bluntly. My life has bettered by giving a little amount of my time and money each day. To summarise giving is the best way to be fulfilled. 

This is a short paragraph by Sean McCabe (seanwes) a fellow designer who also blogs that I recommend greatly. 'Giving doesn't just have to be monetary. Sometimes the most valuable thing you can give is your time. It can also be the hardest thing to give. Initially, you may feel begrudgingly about giving up your time. Time is, after all, a very precious resource. But when we give that time freely to others, we not only edify them, but ourselves as well.' 

I am also going to begin this new thing where on each blog post I shall be picking relevant design work from other artists and sharing them for your viewing pleasure. Being a design based blog after all I thought this idea would make sense. 

Give a shit coaster - Tommy Perez

Spirit of giving - Nick Slater

The Dream

Everyone has their own fantasy or ambitions in Life. The hardest part is to make your dreams become a reality. Back in school I had not one Idea of what I wanted to do In life and really had never thought of design becoming my profession as it all began as just a hobby. I now know where I want to be, In 10 years, In 20 years. Things Might change who knows, But I have an ambition a dream and the next step is to make this a reality. 

Do I have a dream company to work for? In fact I have several these being major high end company's such as VSCO, Twitch, Instagram. I always said my dream would work freelance but in fact there is something quite warming about working with a team in an office.

Do I have a dream place to live? I mention this so often on a daily basis but my ultimate goal in life is to be some what a survivalist and live in a log cabin in Canada, preferably Alberta in the forest overlooking a lake. Its sort of strange that I now have everything planned out. Working freelance or for a company designing. Venturing out for walks with a french bulldog named Arnold and taking photos of scenery is the Ideal scenario. 

Do I have a dream car? I am obsessed with the VW camper vans I vision myself camping out in the back with the doors wide open watching the sunset. But having the doors shut and watching adventure time sounds just as great. 

Yes I dream Big but If you don't set the bar high are you really going to get all you want out of life? And where you are right now is a result of the goals you set prior to this day. Continue to set goals and work hard to achieve them don't be scared to not achieve them or worry of others opinions, shape your life around your ambitions not others opinions. 


Two Day Trip

I have just got back home from a rather busy and spontaneous trip. Besides the fact of being very hectic and stressful it was a great experience and also good fun.

On Tuesday morning I did my daily routine of heading to work to arrive and be surprised with being told I will be heading to Essex to help a fellow colleague In working on a film project for the company. I think its fair to say this got me a little excited. The next step was heading back home to quickly gather necessities to head off that day. After hours on the train watching several episodes of adventure time and working on designs It was nice to arrive at the hotel and take a nap. 

On the first day we filmed In Danni's Boutique, Danni being apart of a popular reality tv show the shop was very busy and was a great environment to film. During that day I gathered a better insight within film and fetching coffee. Later that evening myself and Jamie my colleague decided to head in to London for a few hours and not having been there in a couple of years it was a nice to take some time to relax and venture around being tourists. Even though we couldn't seem to break the boundary between work and leisure. Jamie being the most stressful person I have ever encountered was entertainment for me and with Jamie running about made me realise how much of a laid back I really I am character I am. 

The second day Involved a lot of coffee and to note I don't like coffee. We were both pretty sleep deprived at this point but had another full day ahead of filming for another cast members boutique store. After one successful shoot we had to ensure we did the same again. I believe it was achieved and this was shown with over a 100G of footage, jelly legs and bloodshot eyes. Overall It was an amazing couple of days I had thoroughly enjoyed the great company and experience. 

P.s I am sorry to my bank balance the food was just to good. 

My go to apps

For this post I have decided to share a few apps I couldn't go without. With regards to social media apps Instagram Is by far my favoured platform, following would be Twitter and Youtube but i'm sure you all have these. So heres a list you might or might not have heard of but are Useful and great apps none the less. 

 If you're a designer and have not yet downloaded Adobe Color and Adobe Shape you're missing out. I discovered these Adobe apps not to long a go and now I question how I would ever live without them. This is a brief description of both apps, Adobe Color is an app in which uses the function of your mobile camera to capture and generate color themes in which you can access through your creative cloud. Adobe Shape Is an incredible app in which uses your mobile camera to generate vectors from an image you capture which again can be accessed within your creative cloud. Adobe have a selection of other useful apps in which are available on your device and I recommend every one. I have mentioned before about Dribbble being my favoured design platform. Sadly Dribbble have yet to make their own app but not to worry there are a range of Dribbble client apps out there in which do the job. I have tried out each one and the relatively new 'Freeshot' app comes out on top for me with a great Interface and many features. 

If you're not a designer but a budding photographer I highly recommend VSCOcam, This is by far the best app I have on my device. VSCOcam Is an app in which you use to edit your images and my god it does it well with the filters making Instagram's look like a nursery child's painting. This app also features your personal display of images VSCOgrid and Journal in which you can share your Photography with personal twist. You can also purchase filters from the VSCO store which leaves endless amounts of fun on editing time ( I have purchased them all ). Another Great Image editing app worth mentioning would be Afterlight even though it lacks in great filters it has many great features such as image overlay effects. 

If you're neither a designer or photographer these are a couple of apps I also use. Are you in to gaming? If so Twitch is a great app, that allows you to view gaming streams of any genre by your streamer of choice. With the ability to chat and engage with the gamer and or audience. This platform enables the opportunity for anyone to begin Live streaming to an audience and for me to get an insight to more games. If any of the above is not for you here's a great little app 'Been' Is an app that displays the world map that highlight places and country's you have visited to, therefore if you're a travel enthusiast like me or just generally travel a lot it will help you to keep track of places you have visited. 

I believe that concludes todays topic of my go to apps, here is the list of Apps Mentioned:

-Adobe Color,Adobe Shape,Freeshot,VSCOcam, Afterlight, Twitch, Been. 


How Dribbble helped me

Ive decided to share a little history and give you an insight on my design journey so far. It began with the popular social platform Youtube (i'm sure you have heard of it) designing youtube banners and Icons for gaming channels on the software gimp. I was far too poor to afford photoshop and well at this stage I would have not had a clue on how to use it. Months of Slowly developing within a community of other designers on youtube and with my passion for design growing It was time to invest In purchasing photoshop, still learning I began showcasing the process of creation of my work on youtube as 'speed arts'. This was a popular way of displaying your work within the Youtube design community, even though looking back it was quite odd. With my channel growing and gathering an audience as did my Skype contacts, with a couple of thousand other designers and clients it was fair to say I received a lot of spam. 

Progressing to other social portfolio platforms such as Dribbble and Behance made me realise the standard of work within the design Industry was far ahead of the design community I was involved with. If you are not aware of Dribbble there is a process in which you have to be invited by other members in order to share your work. This was all on the basis of your portfolio. I received my invite to become a player almost a year a go now and the development of my work standard has increased by a substantial amount. This will forever be my favoured social platform for design.

Being self taught I found it would be a wise idea to go and study design in college to gather yet more insight within the industry and develop my skills further. This did greater my skills as I learnt far more of the Adobe package but lets just say the course was some what outdated. 

I find it hard to believe how far I have come and having done this alone how hard work can lead to great things. Now working for a company as a designer I can only develop further and this excites me. Looking back to where I began I thought of it as nothing but a mere hobby, It has become a trade and lifestyle of mine I never want to leave. Im looking forward to the future. 

Holiday of a life time

Throwing it back even though its not a Thursday. I have spent the past hour looking back at photos from christmas 2014 and with or without photos this will forever be a time in my life I shall never forget. My parents decided it was the year to take the plunge and jet off to Lapland for christmas and how pleased I am they did. If you have ever considered it do not hesitate, truly once in a life time experience. With -30 degree weather It was fair to say It was quite chilly outside.

Christmas day in a log cabin with the sight of the northern lights is quite something. Endless Photo opportunities with incredible scenery was one way to describe it. Husky rides, meeting Mr.claus himself and his reindeers brought out the child within me. You must be thinking what is the downside to all this. The internet speed that is one flaw in the system. I managed, in fact I managed with ease I mean there was a sauna in the cabin who needs Internet? (for a week anyway). 

That perfect christmas eve with hot drinks, games and family movies came true. Waking up christmas morning to a Gameboy colour was the highlight, retro gaming can't be beaten. 

Im new to this

I'm unsure on how to start this or where to go from here, so I'm going to ramble on about anything and everything. This is not only my first blog post on my new site but my first blog post ever. I have never been in to this writing 'my english lecturer would know'. I have come to a point in life where everything is beginning to look up and that is why I want to have these little posts to look back on later in life, even if I am the only reader.

This might get a little deep be warned. After several months of depression I'm beginning to pick up the pieces. Swiftly moving on to explain how life is looking up right now. I have just began a new Design job with a company based in Swansea. Working along side another designer is pretty sweet and she is a bundle of laughs. In fact everyone there is just great, its an amazing little office and to add I have a blow up dinosaur on my desk..I know right just awesome. Im going on plenty of adventures at the moment whilst taking photos along the way (will add some to this post) if you enjoy photography of travel and adventure my Tumblr or Instagram is worth following.

I think that will be it for my first blog post and yes I promise they will improve (hopeful promise) I shall be posting these at random I hope you did enjoy this and if not you will never get this time back (my bad).